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Vecino's helping neighbors.

Fresh produce, delivered to your home, at prices mucho mejor. no subscription.

Remember growing up next to farmworkers? At peak season they'd arrive at your door with canastas de strawberries (meaning licuados y agua de fresa for the next couple weeks). They did the same with the other neighbors; providing us with healthy, fresh-picked foods when you usually only found that at high-priced supermarkets. That was Community Supported Agriculture before CSA was a thing. Not a subscription box, just neighbors supporting neighbors. That's what Solorio's Organic Farm strives to be.

Solorio's organic farm is not your next csa subscription because;

1) We're not a subscription, we're your connect. Keep in touch, we tell you the produce we have on deck, you let us know when you want it. 

2) We really are neighbors. Solorio's is located on fertile, coastal land in Watsonville, Ca. We're that close, we deliver your goods just hours after picking.

3) We're not a business. We're two primos with 1-acre of land and the opportunity to nourish our community and produce something for our families to watch grow.



From seed to esperanza

Our story begins like most others dreaming of that so-called American dream. Like many immigrants coming into this country, all we hoped for was for the chance to plant something of our own, nourish and harvest our accomplished goals.


At 16, we, Lalo and Roberto, two primos from Michoacan Mexico, decided to leave our families, and the rancho we grew up on. The same rancho where we spent our childhood tending to el ganado and learning generations-worth of agri-skills and resourcefulness while caring for our family’s milpas de maíz. Our family had made a respectful farming name for themselves in our small Mexican town, it was time to we took that name to new lands.


When arriving in the US, we immediately got to work. We landed jobs in construction and even working as tortilleros. Although the most back-breaking, we felt most at home working on the strawberry and other ag fields found across the central coast. After six years of ag-work, working as piscadores and then trusted with our own stands at farmers’ markets throughout the state, we decided to make our move. It was at the farmers’ markets where we realized the opportunity of max-quality produce, sold directly to the consumer, no middle man. 


It took about 4 years, mainly because no one really trusted two young guys with little to no money; but in 2020, we finally found someone to finance our piece of tierra de oro, and we began Solorio’s Organic Farm.


Be the smarter, healthier choice for la comunidad.

Since planting the first seed on Solorio's Organic Farm, we've been inspired and committed to​ helping those around us. We believe eating healthy should not be a luxury. We are here to feed your families and our's with organic goods grown with class, culture, honesty, and at a very fair price. 

We are here, to use the traditions we learned back on the family's sembrillas, and the skills taught by the many Cali ag-experts we've worked for over the years, to look out for our neighbors and provide them with a healthy lifestyle when they can't. 

We are here to bring back the original Community Supported Agriculture. We are that vecino knocking on your door with our Farm Box of fresh verdudas y fruta.


We value community and believe in the strength communities create.


Valuing community includes supporting the other small farmer's in the area. We understand CSA is not a competition but a collective agrement to help nutrition nuestra gente, grow our families, and keep the earth healthy. We invite local farmers to connect with us and also become our vecino. Like it's usually said back home, "el sol brilla para todos."





A little of this, a little of that.


Show farming facts: When they were picked, nutritional facts, etc.



Show farming facts: When they were picked, nutritional facts, etc.



Show farming facts: When they were picked, nutritional facts, etc.



Show farming facts: When they were picked, nutritional facts, etc.



Show farming facts: When they were picked, nutritional facts, etc.


Along with our list of regular-grows, Solorio's Organic Farm offers some more unique type of organics compared to those found in other CSAs in the area. We like to grow whatever we can get our hands on and what our fertile land will accept and digest with grace. We do this so none of our Farm Boxes are the same as the next or the one you received before. This way we make sure your family never gets bored of healthy eating. When ordering your Farm Box, please make sure to check out our add-on menu for seasonals and unique grows to add to your box.

For now, check out the list of regular grows usually found in all your Farm Box.

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